Somewhere else.

I would like to stay elsewhere.

I can't stand myself at the moment.

I look at the world from an inverted perspective, now, and it is better to leave before I would lose my mind. I need wind to feel alive, and peace.

- Sara, would you like to take a trip?

- When? Where?

- Now. Where I don't know, to a quiet place. I want to feel the wind.

- To the sea ... what do you say?

- Yes, sea ... beautiful sea.

- How about a classic greek small island?

- I was just thinking about Greece. And an island, but not small. Crete. There are mills ... there must be wind.

- Well, the idea attracts me. But you and I alone or with our respective companions?

- Just the two of us, together, but free to be on our own. I must find peace.

- Okay, you know me, I'm reading a book and I'm fine anywhere ... I won't drag you around clubs.

- I just need a reason to get away from work. May is not a holiday period.

- In May! But were you serious about "now"? I don't know if I can, in addition to work I also have to find a place for my dog.

- Life is a breath. I’m joking, but not much. I really need to run away for at least a week, ten days.

- But did you argue with Francesco?

- No, but it is better that I stay far from him too ... because I’m stressed, I risk fighting with him.

- So, let me know when you will be available, and I will take care of everything else. I book the best hotel by the sea, the flight, the car ... But I can't advance the money for you. This is not a golden moment.

- You really are a treasure. If I were a man I would marry you.

- For pity’s sake!

-Look, for the dog, maybe my cousin Sonia could keep him. She lives in Tarquinia now, not in Rome, but she is not far and we can bring him the day before leaving.

- Okay, call her. I'm also glad to see her again. Is she a dog-sitter?

- No, but she likes animals, she lives alone and has a garden. If you want to give her something, but if she accepts it certainly does not do it for the money.

- Well, we will update tomorrow.

- You know? I already feel more sparkling.

- Monica, sorry if I disturb you at this hour, but I need to ask you a favor. I would like to leave for ten days and I need you to follow Piero's emails and moods. And if you could say a good word to him to grant me some days off work.

- But do you have to leave right now? You know we are closing on a project to be delivered in early June.

- I know but I can't take it anymore. Ten days of vacation is better than a month of illness. Almost everything is ready for the project and when I return, with a fresh mind, I will be able to do the last things even better.

- All right. You always manage to convince everyone of everything. - An innate gift. Thanks. You are a friend.

Now I'm feeling relaxed. Loud music ... in the shower I will be even better.

I put four things in my suitcase . If the rest is missing, I will buy it on the spot.

I bring two books, though, about the sea: Mishima and Camilleri. And my wetsuit and mask. I don't know if you can swim in Crete in May, but with a wetsuit you might. I will not have my fins, by plane is not the case.

Now the biggest obstacle remains: to tell Francesco so that he doesn't get the idea of joining us.

- Hi, Francesco ... I promised Sara to accompany her on a trip. She has to do a hotel review for the magazine and she doesn't feel like going alone. On the way back I will be more relaxed and maybe we will even manage to spend a weekend in the mountains.

- But were you not overworked? Until yesterday you have done nothing but repeat it. For weeks we have been unable to find a couple of hours for us ....

- You are right. But the project is almost closed and honestly I need to clear my mind a little.

- You are always right anyway. Do as you like. Why do you propose to do a weekend together when you know that in this period I cannot leave my mother alone! Where did you decide to go?

- Crete. We will go around the island by car. You've been there before, it seems to me. (...)

- Yes, but it disappointed me a little. Knossos species. Worth seeing, but I would not go back.

- If you drop in tomorrow night, we'll say goodbye. I'll make you a special dinner.I will only be gone ten days.

- All right. But don't expect me to leave before dawn.

- That's for sure, you have to tell me a little bit about the island .... - ... and not only, I hope.